Expanding Voter Participation

Our democracy works best when everyone participates.  As the state’s chief elections officer, the Secretary of State has the opportunity and the responsibility to encourage maximum participation of eligible voters.

In 2012, more than 5.5 million eligible Californians did not register to vote. Another 5 million registered voters did not vote in the November 2012 election.   We need to do more to reach these 10 million Californians and involve them in shaping our government and our future.

As Secretary of State, Alex Padilla will: 

  • Work closely with state agencies to ensure that we are fully implementing the National Voter Registration Act, also known as Motor Voter.  In addition to voter registration through the DMV and other agencies, new legislation authored by Padilla makes voter registration available through the new health benefits exchange.
  • Increase access to voter registration materials, including expanded use of social media.
  • Work to boost voter registration and participation.
  • Advocate for an expanded curriculum on civic education in California’s schools.
  • Work with county registrars to enhance local efforts to increase voter education, registration and turnout. 
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