As a part of my campaign for California's Secretary of State, I've pledged to visit each of California's 58 counties and I've been making a special effort to visit each county's election officer. Every county is different with unique experiences in what works (and what doesn't work) to improve voter participation and election system integrity. If elected, I will continue to visit communities throughout the state and work in partnership with local officials. This map shows where I've been so far.  Click on a blue pin to get more info about a particular county registrar's office.

-- Alex Padilla

UPDATE: October 24, 2014

Promise kept! I just completed 58 county "listening tour."

I pledged to visit all 58 counties as part of my campaign for Secretary of State and visit with the local election officials in each of California's unique and beautiful counties.

Here I am outside of the Plumas County Courthouse the 58th stop on my tour.

-- Alex Padilla


View County Registrars of California in a larger map

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