Padilla 44% - Peterson 37% - Undecided 19%
California Field Poll, 10/30/2014

"Too close to call" -- those are words no one wants to hear on Election Night.

The most recent Field Poll shows we have just a 44-37 lead with only four days left till Election Day. Alex Padilla is ahead, but it's still too close. That's why spreading the word by phone, by email, by text, or by a good old fashioned knock on the door from now through Election Day can make all the difference.

Will you do your part by reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors who need a nudge to the polls? Talking to voters is easier than ever -- we'll even give you a list and a script you can use from home!

Click here to make phone calls and help Alex in the final stretch.


Making phone calls helps Alex Padilla up and down the state -- and the election for Secretary of State could be one of the closest races on Tu‌esd‌ay ni‌gh‌t.

Thanks for helping to make sure we get all voters to the polls.

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