Wednesday, March 5, 2014
California League of Conservation Voters Calls Padilla
a ‘Champion for California’s Environment’
First Major Environmental Organization Endorsement In
Secretary of State Race Goes to Alex Padilla

LOS ANGELES – The California League of Conservation Voters has thrown its support behind Alex Padilla for Secretary of State. The endorsement marks the first major statewide environmental organization endorsement of the campaign for Secretary of State.

“Alex Padilla is a champion for California’s environment who has led the charge to expand renewable energy and promote healthy neighborhoods,” said David Allgood, Political Director of the California League of Conservation Voters. “Alex Padilla has what it takes to get things done in Sacramento, passing 80 bills that have been signed into law. In the State Senate, Alex Padilla reached across party lines and put progress ahead of politics, championing higher alternative energy standards, incentives for green businesses, addressing climate change, and strong clean air and water protections. The California League of Conservation Voters is proud to endorse Alex Padilla for Secretary of State.”

Alex Padilla has a record of accomplishment championing the environment in the State Senate. As Chair of the Energy Committee, Padilla has worked to expand the use of renewable energy (SB 14), invested in clean energy programs (SB 1028) and worked to reduce emissions by modernizing the electricity grid (SB17).

Alex Padilla said: “I am honored to have the support of California League of Conservation Voters, one of our state’s leading non-partisan environmental advocacy groups. In the State Senate, I have fought to invest in innovative environmentally friendly industries to create jobs that can’t be exported and protect our natural resources. As Secretary of State, I will continue to speak out to protect our environment.”

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