California’s New Motor Voter Act


To modernize voter registration in California, I sponsored AB 1461, the California New Motor Voter Act, a bill authored by Assemblymembers Gonzalez, Kevin McCarty, and Luis Alejo and inspired by a law recently enacted by the state of Oregon. New Motor Voter has passed the Legislature and awaits Governor Brown’s signature.

Please sign my petition urging Governor Brown to sign the California New Motor Voter Act into law!

AB 1461 uses technology to build on the federal motor voter law. Allowing for the systematic registration of eligible voters will make our voter rolls more accurate. And when signed, this measure could add millions of new voters to the rolls. This would build on the success of our online voter registration efforts and the opportunity for individuals to register to vote when applying for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Please sign my petition encouraging Governor Brown to sign California’s New Motor Voter Act (AB 1461).

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