Help Me Boost the Vote

As I campaigned across the state last year, I said that increasing voter registration and turnout, protecting voting rights, and making it easier to start a business would be three of my top priorities as Secretary of State.

Let's start with the first issue -- getting more voters engaged in our democracy. California had a record low turnout in the November 2014 election. While I shared some ideas to increase turnout during the election, I know I don't have all the answers.

That's why I'm asking for your help. Here's my question:

If you could do one thing to boost voting in California, what would you do?

The best ideas often come from citizens who are passionate about making a difference and moving us forward.

Will you take a moment to watch my video and share your idea for boosting the vote in California? I'll report back on some of the best ideas I receive and continue the discussion online.

I'd love to hear from you. Click here to share your idea to #BoostTheVote.

Thanks again for all you do. I look forward to our continued work together.

The Latest

California Secretary of State Padilla on voter registration deadline, security and the future

By Alex Cohen

Take Two, KPCC

The election is now just about two weeks away and Monday marks a very important deadline in California. Earlier today, Alex Cohen spoke with California's Secretary of State Alex Padilla about the importance of Monday's deadline. Read full article.

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Voting Can Change the World, Secretary of State Tells Seniors

By Chris Jennewein

Times of San Diego

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla told San Diego High School seniors Monday that their vote counts and urged them to register to “change the world.” “If more young people would register and vote, more politicians would pay attention to young people,” he told seniors at the downtown school. “Every election is important.” Read full article.


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While Trump warns of ‘rigged’ process, Padilla keeps faith in county officials

By Christopher Cadelago

Sacramento Bee

With Donald Trump’s deepening warnings about a “rigged” presidential campaign, and renewing doubts about the legitimacy of the democratic process, California’s election chief said Sunday that he has great faith in the state’s county election officials and its thousands of volunteer poll workers. Read full article.


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In California, The November Election Starts Now

By Ben Adler

Capital Public Radio

It’s more like “Election Month” in California than “Election Day.” Voting by mail reached nearly 60 percent in June, and county registrars begin mailing out ballots Monday. Read full article.


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There are now more registered voters in California than the population of 46 states

By John Myers

Los Angeles Times

California last month hit a new record of more than 18.2 million registered voters, as state elections officials say registration continues to surge. "This is a major milestone," Secretary of State Alex Padilla said in a written statement. Read full article.


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