Making it Easier to Start a New Business

As California recovers from the recession, job creation and economic development remain high priorities.  Small businesses are vital to California’s economy - they employ half of our workforce and create the majority of new jobs. Job creation begins with small businesses. And starting a small business begins at the Office of the Secretary of State.

Too often, businesses wait for months to register a name or receive the confirmation of incorporation from the Secretary of State.  Delays can mean lost profits and lost opportunities to expand.  We need to improve the business services provided by the Secretary of State. 

As Secretary of State, Alex Padilla will:

  • Eliminate the backlog in registering a new business and expedite processing.
  • Update the technology platform to make registration more accessible and user-friendly.
  • Seek the advice of business organizations to identify ways to provide more support to new businesses.
  • Reach out to state agencies, with economic development duties, and collaborate to provide improved services to new California businesses. 
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