PETITION: Ban the Bag

My bill, SB 270, will ban single-use plastic bags at grocery stores, pharmacies, and liquor stores by July 2015, and create state financing for manufacturers to shift to producing reusable bags. We just marked a legislative victory by passing the bill out of both houses, and it is now before the Governor for his consideration.

Single-use plastic bags fill our landfills, clog rivers, litter parks and beaches, and kill thousands of birds and wildlife. Out-of-state special interests and legions of lobbyists who oppose the ban profit while California taxpayers foot the bill, spending $107 million in state and local government funds to clean up plastic bag waste.

We're so close! Will you stand with me against these special interests to show broad support for a bag ban? Fight back, and sign on as a citizen cosponsor of this important legislation. With your help, we can build a cleaner California.

Alex Padilla.

1,379 signatures

Will you sign?