Cultivating Jobs and Technology

Driverless Cars.  Alex Padilla wrote the law that establishes safety and performance standards for the operation of autonomous vehicles on California’s roads and highways with the goal of reducing the number of traffic accidents each year. (SB 1298)

Eliminating the Digital Divide. The only way to close the digital divide is to make high speed internet available to every community in our state. Alex wrote the law that created the $125 million California Advanced Services Fund. The funds are used to build out high speed Internet in un-served and underserved areas throughout California. This investment helped California leverage federal stimulus funds, and has already provided hundreds of million dollars for broadband adoption, digital literacy, and computer center projects in our state. (SB 1040)

Tax Incentives for Green Manufacturing. To encourage investment in job creation and green manufacturing, Alex Padilla wrote the law that provides targeted tax exemptions to green businesses when they purchase manufacturing equipment and create jobs. (SB 71)

Making it Easier to Build Solar Power Plants.  Alex wrote the law that expedites the building of solar power plants in California – fighting global warning with clean energy and good jobs. (SB 8X 34)

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