Better Schools

Making the Dream of a College Degree a Reality.  It was a goal of our higher education system for 30 years, but it was Alex Padilla who brought key people together and won support for the law that creates transfer degrees. This historic achievement provides students a clear pathway to transfer from Community College to the CSU system, saving students and colleges both time and money. (SB 1440)

Allowing retired teachers to return to work. To help reduce the teacher shortage facing public schools, Alex passed a law making it easier for retired teachers to return to the classroom. (SB 901)

Protecting Student Athletes. 
Universities regularly terminate athletic scholarships when a student has a career-ending injury. Alex Padilla wrote the law that requires California’s Pacific 12 Conference Universities, who will earn one billion dollars over the next 12 years from media rights agreements, to provide alternative academic scholarships to injured athletes so they can achieve their dream of a college degree regardless of injury. (SB 1525)

Discount High-Speed Internet for Community Colleges. Alex Padilla wrote the law that allows community colleges to receive discounts on broadband and other telecommunications services. This law gives thousands of students better internet access and saves community colleges money. (SB 1437) 

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