Safer Neighborhoods

Banning Cell Phones in Prisons. When imprisoned gang leaders have cell phones they can direct criminal activity in our communities. Alex Padilla wrote the law that criminalizes possession, transfer and sale of cell phones to inmates. (SB 525)

Prohibiting Felons from Possessing Body Armor.  A violent felon with body armor is a unique threat to law enforcement officers. Alex Padilla wrote the law that prohibits violent felons from purchasing, owning, or possessing bulletproof vests and other body armor. (SB 408)

Better Access to Ballistics Evidence. Similar to fingerprints, ballistics evidence can help solve crimes and bring violent criminals to justice. Alex Padilla wrote the law that enhances the coordination and sharing of ballistics evidence, giving law enforcement new tools to solve shooting crimes and keep our neighborhoods safe. (SB 248)

Tracking Stolen Guns.  Pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers trade in firearms. Alex Padilla wrote that law that requires them to report firearms acquisitions directly to the California Department of Justice, thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of the department’s Automated Firearms System and facilitating the return of firearms reported lost and stolen. (SB 449)

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