Healthier Communities

Nutritional Information on Menus. In 2008, Padilla received national acclaim for his law requiring chain restaurants to provide calorie information on menus, so families can make smart choices when dining out. (SB 1420)

Illegal Tobacco Sales to Minors.  Most smokers start smoking when they are minors.  That’s why it is so important to stop illegal sales to kids.  Alex Padilla has been a leader in efforts to protect kids from tobacco.  He wrote the law that gives local law enforcement the tools to crack down on retailers who would sell tobacco to minors.

Smoke Free Housing.  Alex Padilla wrote the law that expands the availability of smoke-free housing in California providing more opportunities for families to raise their children in a clean, healthy environment.

Protecting Patients from Radiation Overdoses. In response to reports of widespread overdoses during CT scans, Alex Padilla wrote the law that establishes safeguards to protect patients from being exposed to excess radiation. (SB 1237)

Improving Food Safety. Food-borne illnesses and hospitalizations are far more frequent than are reported.  Alex Padilla worked with the restaurant industry and wrote the law that requires all restaurant employees to be trained and certified in proper food handling. (SB 602)

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