Clean Air and Water

Increasing Our Use of Renewable Energy. We have to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.  As Chair of the Senate Energy Committee, Alex Padilla has worked to expand our use of renewable energy like solar and wind. By 2020, one third of our energy will come from renewable sources. (SB 14)

Cleaner Fuels for Cleaner Air.
 We need to invest in research to develop cleaner fuels that reduce emissions and slow global warming. Alex Padilla led efforts to fund the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s clean fuels program. (SB 1028)

Energy Efficiency. Making our power grid more efficient reduces our need to build new power plants.  Alex Padilla wrote the law that requires “Smart Grid” deployment plans in California. This helped leverage federal funding for investment in California’s efforts to reduce emissions, improve efficiency and fight global warming. (SB 17)

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